Postdoctoral Fellow – Computational Plasma Physics (IV-14)

ELI Beamlines
Czech Republic
13 Dec 2021
18 Mar 2022

The ELI Beamlines Center is part of the international European Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project. The lasers at ELI Beamlines aim to provide unprecedented ultrashort, ultra-intense laser pulses for diverse interdisciplinary applications in physics, medicine, biology and materials science. Currently, several of the main laser beamlines are operational and are being expanded and upgraded to reach their full performance and maximum availability. Other laser beamlines are in commissioning and new cutting-edge laser sources are in the design and development phase. ELI Beamlines is a part of the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and it was opened in 2015.

The Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a holder of the HR Excellence in Research Award. It is awarded by the European Commission to institutions which put significant effort into improving their human resources strategy and ensuring professional and ethical working conditions.

Department 86 of ELI Beamlines is a combination of four teams (ELBA, LUIS, X-ray, HiFI/ERT), dedicated to the laser wakefield electron beam acceleration and generation of the various types of X-ray sources.

The LUIS team of department 86 at ELI Beamlines develops experimental set-ups to be used for acceleration of the electron beam with unique parameters, suitable for the incoherent/coherent undulator-photon radiation. This development aims at using a compact laser wake field accelerator as a driver for the table-top free electron laser. Detailed information about the LUIS development and the research activity is available at the website:

In the LUIS team we have a position available:

Postdoctoral fellow – computational plasma physics (IV-14)

The candidate is supposed to conduct the studies of the problems related to the LUIS program as follows:

  • Modelling of the high-power short pulse laser interaction with plasma targets to provide a theoretical background for the LUIS experimental activity on the laser wake field acceleration in an under-dense plasma.
  • Participation in the LUIS experimental activity for optimizing the laser-driven electron beam parameters suitable for incoherent and coherent undulator photon radiation.
  • Usage of existing plasma simulation tools for novel application.
  • Development of physical models for existing and novel simulation capabilities.
  • Conducting further research aiming at novel charged particle acceleration mechanisms in the high repetition rate high-power laser regimes.


  • PhD in plasma physics or related field.
  • Experience in modelling of the electron acceleration in the laser-plasma interaction.
  • Good knowledge of spoken and written English is necessary.
  • Team player with good communication skills.

Job conditions

  • The opportunity to participate in this unique scientific project.
  • Career growth, and professional education.
  • Competitive and motivating salary.
  • Five weeks of holiday and other employee benefits.

Applications, containing CV, cover letter, contacts of references, and any other material the candidate considers relevant, should be sent to Mrs Jana Ženíšková, HR specialist (, +420 601560322).

Information regarding the personal data processing and access to the personal data at the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences can be found on:

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