Accelerator Physicist (BE-ABP-LNO-2021-122-LD)

Geneva, Switzerland
03 Nov 2021
03 Dec 2021


Are you an Accelerator Physicist or Engineer experienced in accelerator beam dynamics or optics, and interested in working in an exciting international environment at the forefront of modern science? Would you like to work on the LHC injector complex? Then Take Part and join one of the teams that help to deliver unique particle beams used by physicists from all over the world to answer questions at the heart of particle physics!

You will join:

The Accelerators and Beam Physics (ABP) group, part of the Beams department (BE), in charge of beam performance over the complete CERN accelerator chain, from the source to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), for maximising its performance. The Group carries out Research & Development (R&D) activities on the upgrade of the LHC and its injectors, on the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC), Future Circular Colliders (FCC) and Muon Collider study, as well as on novel acceleration techniques (AWAKE).

The Linear and Non-linear Optics (LNO) Section is in charge of theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies of optics, and linear and non-linear single-particle effects, affecting the performance of present and future synchrotrons.

The design of new accelerators at the high-intensity and high-energy frontier and the performance optimization of existing ones requires the development of accurate and predictive models of beam dynamics and optics. You will play a key role in the development and simulation tools associated to these studies.


As Accelerator Physicist in the BE-ABP-LNO Section, you will participate in the activities related with optics studies for the CERN Accelerators, their upgrade, and future machines. This includes activities on optics design and optimization, numerical simulations, measurements in the existing CERN machines, calculation of optics corrections and accelerator code development.

You will:

  • Contribute to the maintenance and development of the optics models and repository for the CERN hadron injector rings. 
  • Study and optimize operational conditions for the hadron injector rings to improve their performance aided by beam dynamics simulations.
  • Provide optics support to other CERN present and future synchrotrons and colliders including the LHC and its high-luminosity upgrade.

After a period of familiarisation you will:

  • Identify fundamental limitations in the LHC injector rings’ performance and plan medium or long-term improvements. 
  • Contribute to the definition of operational conditions in Run 4 and to the optimization of the performance reach, including beam-based optimizations.
  • Design and conduct experiments in the existing CERN synchrotrons to validate the concepts developed. 

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