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Postdoctoral fellow - LPA electron beam diagnostic instrumentation (139)

ELI Beamlines
Prague, Czech Republic
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15 Dec 2022

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ELI Beamlines research center in Dolni Brezany (near Prague, Czech Republic) is a part of pan-European Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) representing a unique tool of support of scientific excellence in Europe by making available its capacities to the best scientific teams across the world. The aim of ELI Beamlines is to establish the most intensive laser system in the World and to operate it on a long-term basis. Basic information about the lasers development at ELI Beamlines is available at the following website: ELI Beamlines is part of the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The Department 86 of ELI Beamlines is a combination of four teams (ELBA, LUIS, X-ray, HiFI/ERT), dedicated to the laser wake-field electron beam acceleration and generation of the various types of X-ray sources.

The LUIS team of Dept. 86 at the ELI Beamlines develops experimental setups to be used for acceleration of the electron beam with unique parameters, suitable for the incoherent/coherent undulator-photon radiation. This development aims at using a compact Laser Wake Field Accelerator as a driver for the table-top Free Electron Laser. Detailed information about the LUIS development and the research activity is available at the website:

In the LUIS team we have a full-time position available:

Postdoctoral fellow - LPA electron beam diagnostic instrumentation (139)

The candidate is supposed to conduct the following research activity related to the LUIS development program:

  • development of the basic and advanced electron beam diagnostics (hardware and software) suitable for LUIS
  • participate at development of the electron beam transport of the LUIS setup aiming high-quality electron beam required for laser-driven free-electron-laser operation
  • participation in the LUIS experimental program aiming high-quality high-energy electron beam parameters required to produce incoherent/coherent undulator photon radiation for users
  • conduct implementation of advanced diagnostics of the electron beam in to the LUIS experimental setup


  • PhD in beam diagnostic instrumentation
  • minimum 3 years of experience in research/development of the beam instrumentation
  • good knowledge of spoken and written English is necessary
  • team player with good communication skills

We offer:

  • the opportunity to participate in this unique scientific project
  • career growth, professional education
  • competitive and motivating salary
  • flexible working hours
  • 5 weeks of holidays and 6 days of personal leave
  • challenging and tolerant work environment
  • meal allowance, pension contribution
  • support of leisure time activities

Applications, containing CV, cover letter, contacts of references, and any other material the candidate considers relevant, should be sent to Mrs. Jana Ženíšková, HR specialist (, +420 - 601560322).

Information regarding the personal data processing and access to the personal data at the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences can be found on:


ELI Beamlines profile imageELI Beamlines is part of the European ELI laser centre, the world’s first international laser facility. ELI Beamlines is open to an international and interdisciplinary user community from academia and industry. Mandated by the international scientific laser community and implemented in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, ELI drives international laser research and laser-based applications to new frontiers, and fulfils important missions for regional socio-economic development.

About us
The main mission of ELI Beamlines is to provide a user-oriented infrastructure for performing revolutionary scientific experiments across many different disciplines. It combines advanced synchronized ultra-intense short-pulse lasers with secondary sources of particles and X-rays.

The ELI Beamlines facility provides research opportunities at a number of world-class secondary sources, each one driven by ultra-intense lasers. These secondary sources, partially based on entirely new concepts, produce pulses of radiation and particles of the highest intensity and beam quality, including electromagnetic radiation over a broad spectral range and charged particles such as electrons, protons and ions. These will enable a wealth of novel applications.

The ERIC is a specific legal form designed to facilitate the establishment and operation of research infrastructures of European interest. ERICs are participated by States and international organizations as members. As a main statutory mission, ELI ERIC is responsible for making the ELI facilities available to the scientific community as a single international organization, with unified governance and management.

The Czech Republic hosts the ELI ERIC statutory seat in Dolní Brezany, in the South of Prague, at the ELI Beamlines facility. A second facility, ELI-ALPS, is hosted by Hungary in Szeged. The Czech Republic and Hungary are joined by Italy and Lithuania as founding members, while Germany and Bulgaria are founding observers. A third ELI facility is under construction in Romania in the field of nuclear photonics and is expected to complement the current ELI ERIC facilities in the future. More information can be found on the ELI ERIC websites.

Why work for us
The ELI Beamlines brings together people from all over the world. If you want to participate in the largest laser research project in the world, apply through the offer of employment at We are interested in people of various professions and specializations. We can offer interesting and challenging work, dedicated training, plus the chance to work with smart people in a pleasant working environment.

The future is in laser technologies. Are you interested? Join us!

Czech Republic

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Scientists, engineers, PhD students and technicians

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From apprenticeship to PhD in a wide variety of domains

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All year round

Tel +420 601560322

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+420 601560322
Za Radnicí 835
Dolní Břežany
Czech Republic

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