Postdoc Position on Theory of Quantum Geometry and Superconductivity

01 Sep 2022
01 Oct 2022

Professors Päivi Törmä (Aalto University) and Andrei Bernevig (Princeton University) are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to work on their joint project that explores the connection between quantum geometry and superconductivity, and how it can provide a route to more robust superconductivity at elevated temperatures. The project involves collaboration with leading theory and experimental groups in the field, including Prof. Andrew Millis (Columbia University and Flatiron Institute). We search for a postdoctoral researcher with strong analytical skills and experience in quantum many-body theory, preferably in the fields of superconductivity, quantum geometry, and/or topological physics. Expertise on numerical methods such as dynamical mean-field theory, quantum Monte Carlo and/or exact diagonalization is appreciated, as well as knowledge of topological quantum chemistry.

The Quantum Dynamics group lead by Päivi Törmä has pioneered the idea that quantum geometry and topology allows supercurrent and superconductivity in flat bands where non-interacting particles are localized (Peotta and Törmä, Nature Communications 6, 8944 (2015). Recently these concepts have become relevant for instance in the context of flat band superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene (Törmä, Peotta, Bernevig, Nature Reviews Physics 4, 528 (2022). In this project, open questions related to these concepts will be explored, with emphasis on finding new systems and materials where they can provide exceptionally robust and high-temperature superconductivity.


We are looking for a bright and motivated postdoc with an excellent record in the field of the position. Good command of English (both verbal and written) and demonstrated ability to disseminate scientific results are mandatory requirements for the position. Applicants must be motivated to conduct research at the highest international level.

Postdoctoral researchers must hold a PhD degree in a suitable field. Also researchers that are finishing their PhD within a few months may apply.

Salary and location

Your main location, at least in the beginning, will be Aalto University, Finland. You will also spend long periods of time either at Princeton University and/or the visiting affiliation of Prof Bernevig, Donostia International Physics Center, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain; these stays will be arranged according to your wishes. In addition, you will have the option to make research visits to the Center for Computational Quantum Physics at the Flatiron Institute, New York (Prof. Andrew Millis).

Aalto University follows the salary system of Finnish universities. The salary ranges for a postdoc from 3700€ to 4100€ per month, depending on previous experience, and the postdoc contracts will initially be made for 2 years. The primary workplace will be the Otaniemi Campus at Aalto University. The contract includes Aalto University occupational healthcare.

Place and infrastructure

You will join the QD group at Aalto University and the group of Andrei Bernevig. The QD group explores quantum many-body physics theory, with focus on superconductivity, quantum geometry and topology, and also conducts nanophotonics experiments with Bose-Einstein condensation and topological physics themes. Bernevig’s group is famous for topological physics and, recently, research on twisted bilayer graphene. Computational facilities available for the project are outstanding, and completely free of charge. Aalto University has its own cluster, and the computational infrastructure and services of the national scientific computing centre CSC are available. For instance this year, their LUMI supercomputer ranked third in speed in the TOP500 list of supercomputers and is the fastest supercomputer in Europe (

For recent research outputs of the groups, please see Päivi Törmä’s and Andrei Bernevig’s entries at Google Scholar here and here.

Aalto University has six schools with nearly 11 000 students and 400 professors. It is the largest university in Finland focusing on education and research and technology, science, business, and arts. The QD group is located on the Otaniemi campus in Espoo (10 km from the city center of Helsinki), which is one of the largest hubs of high-tech in Northern Europe.

How to apply

To apply for the position, please submit your application including the attachments mentioned below as one single PDF document in English through our online recruitment system by using the link on Aalto University’s web page (“Apply Now”).

(1) Letter of motivation

(2) CV including list of publications

(3) Degree certificates and academic transcripts

(4) Contact details of at least two referees (or letters of recommendation, if already available)

The deadline for applications is 30 September 2022, but the position will remain open until filled. For additional information, kindly contact Prof. Päivi Törmä ( and/or Andrei Bernevig ( Aalto University reserves the right for justified reasons to leave the position open, to extend the application period, reopen the application process, and to consider candidates who have not submitted applications during the application period.

Please note: Aalto University’s employees and visitors should apply for the position via our internal system Workday -> find jobs (not external webpage on open positions) by using their existing Workday user account.

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