Experimental Scientist

Valencia, California, US
05 May 2022
04 Jun 2022

Job Type: Full-time, Salary
Location: Valencia, CA, with move to Salt Lake City, UT in approximately two years
Remote: <20%
Benefits: Medical, Dental, and Vision

Position Summary:

Nusano needs an Experimental Scientist to continue the development and characterization of an ion source for use with a high power accelerator. The source injects ions into an normal-conducting linac (RFQ and DTL), where the beam then interacts with different targets to produce radionuclides for medical applications. The Experimental Physicist will design and implement various upgrades to the ion source with the support of staff engineers and technicians. The Experimental Physicist will also be responsible for planning and conducting various experiments to optimize beam production for the system. In addition to working on the ion source upgrades, the Experimental Physicist will participate in development and commissioning of various other accelerator systems and diagnostics. This position requires on-site work in Valencia, CA where the source is currently installed. This position will be expected to relocate (with full company support) to Salt Lake City, UT, where the full production facility will be.


  • Work with engineers to specify and design the required mechanical, electrical, and controls systems upgrades for the ion source
  • Work with engineers and technicians to install and qualify various systems
  • Lead experimental work to fully characterize and optimize the ion source
  • Provide general assistance and input in other aspects of the accelerator
  • Create operating procedures and training materials

Minimum Requirements:

  • Master’s degree (or higher) in Physics, Electrical Engineering, or immediately relevant field
  • More than five years of hands-on experience with experimental physics and accelerators
  • Extensive experience with the design, construction, and operation of high vacuum, high voltage, and electromagnet systems
  • Experience collecting, processing, and presenting data
  • Comfortable working with multidisciplinary teams
  • Able and willing to relocate

Preferential Education / Experience:

  • PhD in Physics, Electrical Engineering, or immediately relevant field
  • Experience with ion sources and RF systems
  • Expertise with ion beam diagnostics
  • Experience with E&M simulation tools: COMSOL, OmniTrak, Elegant, CST, WARP, FEMM, etc
  • Experience with fluid and thermal simulation tools: ANSYS, SolidWorks Flow, etc

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to regularly lift up to 20 pounds, occasionally lift up to 50 pounds

About Nusano:

We are an early phase company committed to advancing the way radioisotopes are made. Nusano represents the first true turning point in the history of the field of radioisotope manufacturing since the advent of the cyclotron. By augmenting a standard linear accelerator with a proprietary high-current multiparticle ion source, our solution can generate radioisotopes with a very high yield and specific activity and is poised to become the state-of-the-art technology.

Our technology is uniquely suited for the generation of therapeutic radioisotopes. These radioisotopes, while historically challenging to produce in quantities and for the cost that allow for robust growth of the field, are on the precipice of widespread clinical use for personalized cancer therapy. Nusano is uniquely positioned to support and foster the growth of this important application.

Nusano is founded on the idea that the greatest scientific asset isn’t raw material or technology but vision — and the freedom to follow that vision wherever it leads. So while the treatments of tomorrow will surely be built on advanced physics and sophisticated chemistry, they’ll be driven by creativity and fueled by spontaneity. In the world our technology enables, neither will have limits.