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Postdoc on liquid xenon experiments (XENONnT, RELICS and a local prototype)

Westlake University
Zhejiang, China
Posting live until
30 May 2024

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The Department of Physics at Westlake University (China) invites applications for one postdoctoral research fellows to work with Dr. Shengchao Li ( bio , INSPIRE ) in experimental particle physics. Successful candidates are expected to work on the XENONnT dark matter experiment, RELICS reactor CEvNS experiment, and a small liquid xenon detector at Westlake (see below), or any combination of them.

The initial appointment for this position is for two years, with the possibility of renewal for a third year. Successful applicants will be automatically qualified to apply for the “High-level talent” program in Hangzhou for additional financial support and benefits. The group maintains strong partnerships with institutions both domestically and internationally across Asia, Europe, and North America. Visits to these institutions will be actively encouraged and supported.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled, while priority will be given to applications received before Aug.31, 2024.

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow


  • Conduct original research independently and in collaboration.
  • Prepare research papers in English for publication.
  • Present research achievements at seminars and conferences.
  • Help supervise junior members of the group.


Having obtained or about to obtain a Ph.D. degree in physics (e.g., experimental high energy physics, experimental nuclear physics), or a related field at the time of the appointment, aged under 35.

Research directions (qualified candidates are encouraged to pursue one or two of the following):

1) Work on the XENONnT dark matter experiment, currently taking data at INFN Gran Sasso National Laboratory, Italy. It is aiming to explore rare physics processes such as signals from the WIMP Dark Matter. Our group works on various XENON analysis topics and leads the calibration efforts. The research topics can be discussed further based on candidates' interests and strengths. Communication skills and international travel are required for this position. Familiarity with coding, software development, calibration systems, simulation, and statistics are considered advantages in this application.

2) Work on the RELICS experiment, a liquid xenon TPC for CEvNS to be instrumented in 2025 at Sanmen, Zhejiang, China. Our group is developing plastic scintillator detectors that work as muon and neutron veto inside the water shielding. We are also working on the photosensor and readout system for the experiment. Experiences with pixelated detectors, plastic/liquid scintillator detectors, and liquid xenon TPCs are considered advantages in this application. Local testing of these detector systems will be carried both in Hangzhou and Sanmen.

3) Work on the Xihu local TPC, established as an R&D platform for the next-generation dark matter experiment. We want to test and optimize a few technical challenges towards the LXeTPC technology, currently leading the direct search for dark matter. Our system will be set up and running in 2024, where candidates are expected to work on the full chain of the experiment (DAQ, slow control, cryogenic systems, purification, calibration, etc.). Experience with cryogenic detectors is highly appreciated.

Compensation and Benefits:


  • The research team offers a competitive compensation package commensurate with the selected candidate’s qualifications and experience. Applications for relevant projects and programs will be encouraged and supported.
  • Postdoc(s) selected for China Postdoctoral Science Foundation or Zhejiang Province Selected Funding for Postdoctoral Research Projects will be entitled to receive further supporting funds of the same amount from the Hangzhou municipal government.
  • Postdoc(s) who work in Hangzhou full-time after completing their postdoctoral research will be eligible to apply for an allowance of 400,000 RMB from the Hangzhou municipal government.
  • Qualified postdoc(s) are offered on-campus housing.

How to Apply:

To apply, please send the following documents in a packed file to , and indicate “Postdoc Application” in the email subject.

  • Cover Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae with a publication list
  • Research Statement

Please also arrange two reference letters to

Contact: Li, Shengchao ( )


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