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Project Officer

Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK CEN)
Boeretang 200, Belgium
Posting live until
6 Apr 2024

Job Details

Project Officer

  • monitor project progress;
  • assist project teams;
  • provide management support;
  • hands on experience with project management tools;
  • Management & Operations.

We are ready to build this accelerator! Are you?

MYRRHA will be the world’s first sub-critical, particle accelerator-driven reactor, cooled by a lead-bismuth eutectic. Our main mission is to build MYRRHA and use it as a research reactor. But there’s still a lot of work to be done, such as constructing MINERVA – the project’s first phase that consists of a particle accelerator and a user facilities.

To help us achieve our ambitious goals, the MINERVA Target Facilities (MTF) group is looking for a Project Officer. The main objective is to provide support to the project leader in different areas such as project scheduling, budget planning, procurement and subcontractor follow-up.

  • maintain resource-loaded project schedules;
  • monitor project progress and keep schedules up to date through regular planning update meetings with the project engineers;
  • prepare project status reports, e.g. milestone reporting and EVM;
  • support the project leader in planning-related decisions and in delivering reports to the programme director;
  • assist project engineers in with the preparation of procurement files. This includes capturing and analyzing procurement needs, gathering information from technical experts about the technical specifications and drafting project inputs for the purchasing department;
  • follow up the purchase process and the selection of suppliers. Keep in touch with partners and suppliers, and take care of commercial follow-up.

support the project team and the project leader by:

  • performing quality checks of the documentation also managing metadata and obsolescence in different document management systems;
  • scheduling technical review meetings;
  • drafting minutes of technical review meetings and project board meetings;
  • ensuring that all documentation is properly reviewed and approved.

To join this frontier, you’ll need

  • MSc (or similar through experience), preferably in engineering sciences;
  • experience in managing complex projects, with hands-on experience in project scheduling, budget planning, procurement and subcontractor follow-up;
  • hands-on experience with project management tools, e.g. MS Project, SAP;
  • fast learner with the ability to quickly familiarize with high-tech environment;
  • hands-on mindset;
  • excellent in oral and written communication;
  • express (him / her)self fluently in English, and in Dutch or French, both orally as in writing.

Deadline 01/04/2024


Belgian digital

We explore. Driven by our passion for science. Boosted by our unique infrastructure. We sound out the frontiers. We expand our knowledge in various nuclear areas. However many horizons we may explore, we always pursue the same objective: developing innovative applications for society.

Why work for us
At SCK CEN, we are on the forefront. By developing new knowledge and innovative applications, we move the line of what nuclear science can do for society. Each day, we are driven by a relentless ambition to build our expertise and achieve our goals. We are immersed in a world of unique technology, open discussion and discovery, together with other capable and curious minds.

SCK CEN works actively on the design and construction of a new multi-purpose research plant: MYRRHA (, which stands for Multi-purpose HYbrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications. MYRRHA is a versatile research infrastructure but above all, unique. It is the world’s first research reactor driven by a particle accelerator. The special feature of this unique configuration – Accelerator Driven System (ADS) – is the “subcritical” core of the reactor. The core does not have enough fissile material to spontaneously keep the chain reaction going.

So that’s why we have to build the most reliable super conducting high-power proton linac in the world. A linac can be designed with fewer interruptions in the beam’s proton flow than a cyclotron. While the accelerator will be almost 300 m long and reach 600 MeV proton beam energy in the final configuration, the first stage is limited to 100 MeV. This project part is called MINERVA and is in full development. It will allow the demonstration of the required reliability concepts and at the same time it will be used to deliver beam to users in two experimental irradiation facilities.

The aim is to be able to beam-commission the installation in 2027 so as to start with the development of innovative medical radioisotopes and perform fundamental research in physics. In the next phase, we will aim for an energy level of 600 MeV. In the third phase, the research reactor will be built. So we have a lot of work to do.

What we are looking for

Are you searching for a challenge that contributes to solving some of society’s most important issues, such as closing the nuclear fuel cycle, transforming the lives of cancer patients or conducting fundamental physics research? Don’t look any further and apply.

Mol, Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Number of employees

Main areas of research
Nuclear, physics

Positions recently recruited for
We have recruited to a variety of positions in the accelerator field: vacuum engineers, power converter engineers, beam diagnostics engineers. We are now looking to recruit LLRF engineers, beam diagnostic engineers, supply chain manager and electrical engineers

How to apply
Apply online at

Closing date
All year round


Company info
+32 (0)14 33 83 09
Boeretang 200

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